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Native American Motif x Birthstone Earrings

Size Guide & Model Height
◆ Birthstone × Indian motif stud earrings ◆
The metal surrounding the stone is inspired by Indian jewelry. As it is an asymmetric design, it can also be used as a piercing for one ear.

[BIRTHDAY STONE]A birthstone that prayed as a guardian stone for a person born that month. It is said that it will bring out the characteristics and personality of the owner and guide them in a good direction. You can choose it as a birthstone or even choose it as a talisman with your favorite color and meaning.

◆ We use 12 kinds of birthstones ◆
● JANUARY Garnet Leads to Success
● FEBRUARY Amethyst Improve intuition
● MARCH Coral Prosperity / Happiness
● APRIL Crystal Good Luck / Purification
● MAY Aventurine Healing / Peace
● JUNE Moonstone calm the happiness and emotions of the two
● JULY Carnelian Courage and willpower 
● AUGUST Black Onyx
● SEPTEMBER Lapis lazuli improved imagination
● OCTOBER Opal Activation / Hope
● NOVEMBER Citrine
● DECEMBER Turquoise Goal Achievement / Travel Charm

※ This item is handmade by one point craftsman. Also, because we use natural stone, some errors may occur in shape and color. Please note.
Motif size 0.9cm

Metal natural stone

Country of origin
South Korea

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height