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Triangle Cut Gemstone Chain Earrings

Size Guide & Model Height
Earrings in triangular cut natural stone. He / she directs femininity casually in petit size. Recommended accessory for gifts and gifts.

● LABRADO LITE Physical vitality
● AMAZONITE Enhance stability and imagination
● LAPIS LAZULI evil thoughts and luck
● SUNSTONE Victory Glory
● MOONSTONE Love / Peace

岩座 - IWAKURA - 
A brand that develops miscellaneous goods and natural stone accessories under the theme of “Japanese beautiful heart” and “prayer”.
We offer products with Japanese designs that will wash your heart, and propose the way of the Japanese mind and a new charm.

※ This item is handmade by craftsmen. Also, because we use natural materials, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
Length 2.4cm, Stone 6mm

Natural stone brass

Country of origin
South Korea

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height