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Birthstone Earrings

Size Guide & Model Height
[BIRTHDAY STONE]A birthstone with prayer as a guardian stone for people born that month.It is said that it will bring out and enhance the characteristics and personality of the owner and lead them in a positive direction.You can choose it as a birthstone ◎ You can choose it as a talisman with your favorite color and meaning ◎ It is a natural stone earring that is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift ★

◆ January Garnet leads to success
◆ February Amethyst Improves intuition
◆ March Aquamarine Home peace
◆ April Crystal Good luck
◆ May Aventurine Healing and peace
◆ June White Pearl Easy delivery, bright future
◆ July Rhodochrosite Passionate love
◆ August Peridot Aspirations
◆ September Lapis lazuli creativity UP
◆ October Tourmaline Health
◆ November Citrine financial luck rises
◆ December Turquoise Goal Achievement / Travel Amulet

[How to choose Chaihane style birthday earrings]
≪Part 1≫ Feeling.Choose by intuition.

It is said that the stone you like intuitively has the strongest power to attract you.

≪Part 2≫ As a talisman.Choose by birthstone.
There are twelve types of gemstones depending on the month of birth.The date of birth is closely related to the fate of a person, including astrology, and it is said that the birthstone becomes a "guard stone" that protects the owner by wearing it.

≪Part 3≫ With a wish.Choose in the sense of stone.
An accessory with a wish.It is said that they will be worn every day, and when they suddenly see it, they will remember their desires and guide them in the right direction.

★ ☆ Fun to choose which one to choose ☆ ★That is one of the charms of birthday stone earrings.Please choose a natural stone that suits you ♪

Natural stone is in the middle of the three parts on the hoop line.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
Full length 3cm

Natural stone glass metal

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height