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Men’s FUNDOSHI Under Wear

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The ancient Japanese culture "loincloth".Now again.We use hand towel fabric dyed with the traditional method "Chusen".Relaxed underwear made of cotton with good breathability and less tightening.Recommended for bedtime, spending time in the room, and desk work ◎ It is a popular underwear that is attracting attention because of its health consciousness.

[How to tighten the loincloth]
1. Place a loincloth behind your waist and turn the string forward.
2. Tie the string that was turned forward at the bottom of the navel (a point called Tanda, which is about 3 cm below the navel).
3. Pass the cloth hanging from the back through the crotch and pull it forward.
4. Pass the cloth between the string tied under the navel and the belly and pull it tight.
5. Drop the cloth forward to shape it and you're done.

◆ Kaya ◆
The fusion of Japanese tradition and new culture that has been handed down since ancient times.
"Kaya", a Japanese brand that can meet "Japan in a new form"

Under the theme of "Civilization," we propose exciting Japanese goods that are modern and colorful.

※ This item is handmade by craftsmen.
Therefore, some errors may occur in shape and color. Please note.
Body: 98 cm long, 34 cm wide String: 150 cm long, 2.5 cm wide

Cotton XNUM%

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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