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Braid x Birthstone Bracelet

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A luxurious wish string / Misanga bracelet that combines a graceful red color string with each month's birthstone / birthstone and silver 925 beads. It is a recommended accessory for gifts and gifts as well as for yourself. Red is said to have a repellent and exorcism effect.

Ubuishi, birthstone
It is said that you will be protected by wearing the moon stone (born stone) of your own birth and the monthly stone, and good luck will come.

● January Mutsuki garnet <garnet> successful efforts
● February Kisaragi Amethyst <purple crystal> Increase intuition and promote attractiveness
● March Yayoi Aquamarine <Aidama> Enriching life
● April Uzuki Crystal <Crystal> Good luck, fatigue purification
● May Satsuki Aventurine <Gold Quartz> Relaxation and peace of mind
● June Minazuki Rainbow Moonstone Love and Peace
● July Fumizuki Road Crocite Invitation to Bless You
● August Hazuki Peridot <Olivine> Knowledge rise
● September Nagatsuki Lapis lazuli <Ruri> Evil thoughts, good luck, success
● October Kannazuki Tourmaline <Electric Stone> Relieves heartache and amplifies sensitivity
● November Shimotsuki (citrus) Citrine <huang crystal> Good interpersonal / improved fortune
● December Shiwasu turquoise <turquoise>

岩座 - IWAKURA -
A brand that develops miscellaneous goods and natural stone accessories under the theme of “Japanese beautiful heart” and “prayer”.
We offer products with Japanese designs that will wash your heart, and propose the way of the Japanese mind and a new charm.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
About 30cm

Natural stone silver 925 polyester

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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