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Leather Braid x Gemstone Bracelet

Size Guide & Model Height
★ Very popular in real stores! Classic long seller ★
It is a bracelet that combines 4mm ball natural stone and leather. ◎ There are two adjustment holes so if you are a woman you can wear it as an anklet. Please wear your favorite stone and improve your luck ☆

◆ Black: [Hematite] Health and stress relief
Health Promotion. Improve blood circulation and develop positive feelings and mental strength. It is also recommended for athletes and people with coldness ◎
◆ Brown: [Tiger Eye] Fortune and work luck UP
It is the strongest fortune-up power stone that is said to have the power to bring self-confidence and execution power, lead work to success, and make goods ◎
◆ Turquoise blue: [Howlite Turkey] Amulet / Courage / Mental power UP
A stone that protects itself from calamity and restores mental power. It has been handed down to give courage and happiness ◎
◆ Pink: [Rose Tiger Eye] UP fortune and love
It makes women more beautiful and gives them the power to see the truth.
◆ Pink and others: [Pink Coral / Coral] Prosperity / Childhood / Happiness
This stone with the majestic energy of the sea has long been believed to be a symbol of prosperity and happiness of descendants ◎
◆ Stone: [Crystal] Good luck, talented flowering
The most powerful power stone that purifies everything and leads to good luck. It is said to bring out your potential ◎

※ This item is handmade by craftsmen.
Therefore, some errors may occur in shape and color. Please note.
Natural stone 4mm length about 24cm

Natural stone leather

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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