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UV Protection Beach KIMONO

Size Guide & Model Height
A UV-cut cardigan made of rayon material with a light touch. A refreshing hue like summer ♪ It is easy to put on a T-shirt or camisole. It is recommended not only for town use but also for travel, leisure and avoiding sunlight.

kahiko(Kahiko) ROOTS of HAWAI'I
From gorgeous resort culture in Hawaii to its historical roots.
We will deliver the deep charm of Hawaii that Japanese people love.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
* The effect of the UV cut processing becomes thinner each time you wash. We recommend that it be shaded because the effect may be reduced by sun drying.
Length 60cm Shoulder 100cm Chest 200cm

100% rayon%

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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