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Starry Night Bed Cover Multi Cloth

Size Guide & Model Height
Textile bed cover with the image of the moon and stars shining in the night sky ☆ ★
It is a multi-fabric that can be used variously depending on the idea, such as a bed cover, hanging on a sofa or car seat, attaching a hook to a curtain, etc. ◎ For a folklore healing space ◇ ◆

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
* The image taken outdoors may look different in color and color depending on the lighting conditions. Please refer to the image taken in the studio for the color of the product.
225cm in height, 150cm in width

Cotton XNUM%

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height