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Big Calavera Charm

Size Guide & Model Height
Big size comes up with calavera felt charm with cute expression! Nice tuxedo and dress. I feel like I'm about to dance! Attach it to your favorite things such as bags ♪

★ Calavera (Mexican skull) ★
The Calavera Festival is a large festival held annually in Mexico from October 10 to November 31 in Mexico. Also called "Day of the Dead", it is like a tray in Japan.
What is different from Japan is that you are cheerful and happy anyway ♪ Your favorite ancestors, plenty of flowers (marigold and celosia) at the grave and altar to welcome and delight the precious deceased who return here Colorfully and colorfully decorate candles, calavera (skeleton) dolls, sugar confectionery, deceased's favorite things, alcohol etc. During the festival, parades and masquerade parades are performed in the city, and it is very lively ♪ Latin as it is! ♪♪
It is a traditional ceremony and festival where all of you and your friends and friends gather together and drink, sing and talk all night long with their thoughts on the deceased.

* This item is handmade and handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes, colors and facial expressions may vary slightly. (The image is an example.) Please note.
Full length 30cm
Country of origin
ネ パ ー ル


Size Guide | Model Height
Size Guide | Model Height

Size Guide

Model Height

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