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Aura Ring Necklace

Size Guide & Model Height
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"What color is your aura now? ! ] A mysterious accessory that changes the color of the ring motif when worn or touched with a hand, and tells you your current aura and mind.
Recommended for simple T-shirts and ethnic coordinates. ◎

[Meaning of aura color]
● Yellow-green: LOVABLE Attractive feelings for you
● Green: Falling in love with ROMANCE
● Light blue: CALM calm and relaxed
● Blue: PASSION burning with passion
● Navy: VERY HAPPY transcendence happy! !
● Purple: Cool is decided
● Tea: FEAR Are you scared of something?
● Black: STRESSED I feel heavy pressure, sad ...
● White: ANALYZE Analyzing your condition ...
* Please consider only for reference.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
Total length 80cm Motif size 3.3cm
Metal resin Synthetic leather
Country of origin


Size Guide | Model Height
Size Guide | Model Height

Size Guide

Model Height

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