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Power of the Universe

Iwakura, Enshrined Sacred Rock, Where Mystic Power Dwells.

We live with nature,
learn wisdom from nature.
Iwakura is an expression of the curated spiritual
part of Japan with simple and majestic charm.

What remains after removing Yashiro, Torii, and forest from the shrine岩座. That's the power

In ancient Japanese folk customs, God was enshrined in natural objects.
I prayed to rocks and mountains.
The origin of many shrines is岩座)
The shrine and torii gate were made later.
In a primitive age when only nature and humans existed,
People were walking with nature with simple respect and awe.
In order for prayer to be fulfilled, cleanse your heart,
It is to live in harmony and circulation of all kinds of forests.
It started with thanks for being alive,
There is a spirit of self-discipline and discipline.
For Japanese people, the way of daily mind and life itself is prayer.
"岩座Has a variety of products with simple and solemn designs that are typical of Japan,
We will propose a new way of protection.

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