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“Droplets of sun rays” derived from Folklore

Creating a variety of crafts inspired by ethnic cultures from around the world since 1979, Amina emphasizes on original fabric uniquely designed by our designers using traditional methods and handcrafted arts.

In our travels around the world, we've encountered traditional materials and craftsmanship.
Taking our taste in design, we put it back together intangible form.
"Amina"is the drop of sun that was born from Folklore.It is a treasure, enveloped in the vibrant colors of sunshine, created from the encounters through our travels.

We will reshape traditional materials and handwork that we encounter all over the world with our sensitivity.
"Amina] Is a lively treasure born from the encounter of a trip, wrapped in the colors of the sun, the drips of the sun born from folklore.

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 Size Guide | Model Height

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