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Breathing of the Earth, Delights of the Soul.

Between sky and earth, shines a space where time,
human and nature correlates.
As earth revolves with monetary trades between man, nature and goods,
Diversified cultures are cultivated to come as one.

Bridging visions around the World,
Where Man and Nature walk in harmony,
With social conscience in the face of adversity.

Breathing of Earth… In this space, we feel, we share.

The soul dances in the breath of the earth and overflows with a smile.
Feel the breath of the earth.
The size of the world,
The grandeur of nature,
The robustness and vitality of people living in foreign land,

When you take the full breath of the earth,
The energy is full, the soul dances, and the smile overflows.

We are exposed to the sunshine, create products and spaces full of energy,
We will increase the number of bases nationwide where you can experience the breath of the earth.

Ametsuchi by Amina Collection

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 Size Guide | Model Height

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