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Our Policy

Our Policy

'Bringing human sense and liveliness back to the present day ...' We should think of human history as categorized into three eras:
The gathering era, the agricultural era, and the industrial era.
This current industrial society has rapidly changed Earth and our human society, and we realize that we've lost that breath of humanity we originally had.
But we see so much inspiration in the ethnic culture that we humans have created alongside nature, what we like to call Folklore.We decided to take a look at these potential values ​​with our own eyes, and through business and activity, bring back that humanly sense and liveliness.
And with that, we will change this era so it can continue to the next.

"Reviving human sensitivity and vigor in modern times"
The history of humanity should be divided into three eras: the collection era, the agricultural era, and the industrial era.
The industrial society is changing the Earth and human society at an accelerating pace, and the original human-like breathing is being lost.
Folk culture (folklore), where humans have come together with nature, is full of inspiration.
We take the value that lies there with our own eyes and regain the dying "human sensitivity and vibrancy" through business and activities.
And change the flow of the times and connect to the next era.

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