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Madras Plaid-Woven Fabric from Southern India-


Madras Plaid

Madras Plaid-Woven Fabric from Southern India- 

Natural materials (cotton, hemp) are quite a focus in recent fashion trends. Natural materials are our specialty. Among them, I especially recommend the South Indian dyed weave. Checked, patterned, and elaborate fabrics that have never been seen before are characteristic. The simplicity, fluffy touch, and color development unique to Indian cotton are all very attractive.

 Why is South Indian material world famous?It dates back to the 17th century colonial era.At that time, in Europe and the United States, the status was light and soft textiles made by Indian craftsmen.It seems that the texture that can only be made by craftsmanship was popular.
 However, with the Industrial Revolution in England, it became possible for non-craftsmen to make machines, and once India's cotton fabrics declined.
 However, in the 1920s, it regained attention from all over the world.The simple plain weave material that was woven as work clothes near Madras (now Chennai) in South India has become very popular among fashionistas who are fashionable and noisy.
 This is the famous Madras check.That shirt that Audrey Hepburn wore cutely in the movie "Sabrina".And even now, South Indian fabrics continue to be loved around the world.
 Now, of course, the ones that are woven by machines are the mainstream.However, it is necessary for the craftsman to operate. From the 17th century to the present, the shape has continued to change, but it is supported by skilled craftsmen.
 South Indian products will continue to arrive in the future.Please look forward to.

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