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Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue

Indigo Dye NOREN Curtain

Speaking of goodwill, it is a familiar item that has been used for storefronts since ancient times, and recently used for room decoration and partitioning.
In addition, deep blue called indigo has been used for clothing since ancient times, and this is one of the familiar colors.
"Indigo" used in the dark blue of this indigo goodwill tends to seem like "Ai" at first glance, but did you know that it is a completely different thing?
 "Indigo" is a natural dye made from plants, and it takes a lot of time and effort to dye it, but once dyed, the color is hard to fade.
"Indigo" is a chemical dye that can be adjusted with "Indigo" powder and can be dyed faster than "Indigo". However, there is also a feature that the color is easier to fall than "Ai".
 This goodwill is produced in India, and the dough is slowly dyed in an indigo well called an indigo pot, which is 4 to 5 meters deep, while stirring with a pickling stick.The dyed fabric is initially dark green instead of indigo blue, and when exposed to the sun, it undergoes a chemical change and changes to that indigo blue.The dyeing craftsman (called Indigo Master) uses his skillful experience to adjust the dye according to the depth of the dyed color and change the soaking time to create a deep blue peculiar to indigo. is.

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Indigo BlueIndigo Blue 2Indigo Blue




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