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Wearing the Tropical Country ~ Bad Dyeing ~

Wearing the Tropical Country ~ Bad Dyeing ~

Colorful tropical flowers!
This eye-catching fabric is made by Balinese artisans1Pie1It was carefully crafted by hand-drawing.
Ubud is a land of lush greenery with countryside scenery, and is a popular destination for long-term travelers who escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the atmosphere of Bali, a quiet and courteous living in rich nature. The terraced rice fields spread through the valleys are also popular tourist spots where you can enjoy the leisurely flow of time.
In the plenty of greenery, when you hear the children play and hear the sound of stepping on the sewing machine, there is a batik workshop. Bali batic of Amina collection always asks this studio.

Batik is also called batik, and in Japan and India6It is a technique that has been around since the century and spans all parts of the world, including Asia and Africa.
The batiks are hand-dyed by first drafting a clean, washed white fabric. Then add the heated wax (paraffin or beeswax) to Chantin / CantingAnd put it in a tool like a ladle with a small joule attached to the tip of the pen, and trace the draft.
If you do not get lost at a constant speed and drop hot wax, the wax will cool down quickly and will not solidify and become a beautiful line.
Then, in the line made of wax, we use a brush to dye the color. When the dye is put on the cloth pre-soaked in water, a beautiful gradation is born gradually.
When all the colors are dyed, put the dough in a boiling pot and fix the color. At that time, the wax line is melted and taken off, and a vivid pattern floated in the color of the white fabric floats.

The clear and glossy country flowers that color Bali, the sky that pierces, the deep dark green color. The colors that Balinese touches become fabric and blend into our daily lives.


Batik Canting




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