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Gorgeous Kashmir paint

Gorgeous Kashmir paint

Kashmir paint.
It is Indian handwork that you will have seen at least once if you have visited the ethnic general store several times.

It is a traditional technique that has been handed down since ancient times in the Kashmir region, which is located on the border with Pakistan in northern India.
Delicate and gentle plants and plants, objects that uniquely express animals such as elephants and cats, and those depicting people's lives were popular, and until about ten years ago they were well stocked. However, with the passage of the times, the sales situation gradually became severe, and it disappeared from the store without notice.

The shocking reunion with Kashmir Paint was at a fair in India. Fairs for handicrafts and gift items are regularly held around the world. Some places items that have not changed from the past, while others arrange traditional techniques to suit the times. The Kashmir paint I met is exactly the latter. It was a shock that I couldn't help but shout out "cute!" The image was completely different from what I knew before, but it was gorgeously reborn with the unique flowing paint touch and the warmth of hand-painting. In addition to paperwork, there is a wide variety of items, including products that have improved practicality by painting on stainless steel or steel!

While there are things that do not change and things that need to be protected, the colors and tastes are gradually changed according to the times. As a result, handicrafts are inherited, and traditional handicrafts are inherited without end.

This series is made by hand-painted by craftsmen on colorful base colors. It looks delicate and has momentum, and each line is stretched. Everything looks the same from a distance, but if you look closely you can feel the craftsman's brushstroke.
The hand-drawn texture is attractive.

Kashmir Paint

Kashmir Paint

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