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2019 Spring --Boho Outfits Ideas for Men

2019 Spring --Boho Outfits Ideas for Men

2019 Spring --Boho Outfits Ideas for Men

Embrace Boho This Season with These Unique Garments for Men!
The Bohemian style comes from a history of embracing the beauty in the world, and of living a life free from the constraints of tradition and expectation.Characterized as being wanderers, adventurers, and free spirits, Bohemians embrace the new and unconventional and make it their own.Join Ametsuchi this season in embracing your inner vagabond.

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Be Unforgettable This Spring

With the warmer weather on its way, stay refreshed with these new, exciting pieces. There are many simple garments, as well as more artistic pieces in the online catalog this season. Read on to learn about unique items that are sure to showcase your personality; stand out from the crowd and express your personal style while staying comfortable and relaxed.


Explore the Unknown in This Elegantly Designed Top

This Japanese design top comes in both blue and white and can be paired with traditional cotton pants, dress pants, or jeans, depending on the occasion.With a simple wave pattern and a soft, rayon fabric, this shirt offers both comfort and style. Loose-fitting and breathable, this piece can be paired with a simple cardigan or jacket.
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Chart Your Own Path While Sporting This Cardigan

The men’s kimono cardigan Featuring an artistic knit pattern, it comes in light blue, mustard yellow and deep red options. This cardigan is intended to be worn oversized and can be paired with cotton, cargo or denim pants.


Make Anywhere Your Home with This Compact Handmade Bag

This handmade bag comes in a variety of interesting colors and patterns and is easy to take on any outing, anywhere.Compact and carried over the shoulder, it is perfect to bring along on a walk to the park or to work.With an easy- open zipper, this bag offers convenience and style, with the extra bonus of being a special, handwoven item.
Check out our bags here.


Make it Your Own

Pick up these pieces on their own or pair them with others for an original look.This one-of-a-kind apparel will be sure to add novelty to your spring look.From comfortable cardigans to breezy cotton pants to handmade accessories, this fresh attire will serve you well on new adventures, while you embrace your personality every step of the way.Check out the rest of Ametsuchi's catalog for some more spring wardrobe inspiration.





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