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Maltese Silver925 Filigree Ring

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Malta Filigree Malta Filigree
Remnants of Renaissance culture,
Nice silversmith I met in the Mediterranean
"Filigree" is a silver work of traditional crafts that has continued for 500 years on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.
A so-called work of art that has been passed down from the Renaissance era in the same way.
A delicate handmade accessory carefully crafted by a few skilled craftsmen.

A thin ring featuring a swirl pattern.The cool watermark and the brilliance of silver make your fingers look elegant.
Gifts for loved ones, rewards for yourself, and accessories perfect for special occasions.

It will be delivered in a case (box) with the producer's signature and dated card.

◆ ◇ 欧州航路 ◇ ◆
~ from the Story of Europe ~
Europe is full of wonderful "things"

In Yokohama, a port town that once welcomed European civilization in the Meiji era, a new one欧州航路Is opened.
Europe is full of wonderful "things" that enrich every day, from traditions backed by a long history to lifestyles that have sprung up in each region.
These "The Story of EurProducts filled with the charm of "ope" are loaded on the cargo,欧州航路Cross the road and arrive at the port of Yokohama, then MercadThey line up in a lively space like o.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
* Because it is made delicately, it may be damaged if it is pulled with excessive force or hit with a large load or impact.Please be careful.
* Silver 925 (sterling silver) has the property of discoloring in response to components contained in the air, sweat, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.After wearing, gently wipe off any dirt with a soft cloth before storing.
* If you are concerned about darkening or dirt on the surface, we recommend cleaning with a silver-specific polish or cleaning cloth.We hope that you will continue to use it for a long time while enjoying the charm of silver, which will increase in texture over time.

Amina Collection Co., LTD.

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925 sterling silver

Country of origin
Republic of Malta

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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