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Hickory Stripe Dress

Size Guide & Model Height
Comfortable workwear in the great outdoors.A Nepalese cotton shirt cardigan that becomes familiar as you use it.The tuck on the waist creates an exquisite silhouette.Hickory stripes are said to have been worn by loggers and railroad workers.It is widely loved because it is inconspicuous and can be used for a long time.One piece that was particular about the thickness of the stripes and the coloring.With pockets on both sides.Give you a habit of wearing comfort.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
Length 86cm Chest 116cm Sleeve 51.5cm

Cotton XNUM%

Country of origin
ネ パ ー ル

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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