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PLUMERIA Sheer Curtain 200cm

Size Guide & Model Height
Opal curtains studded with plumeria that represents Hawaii.Plumeria flower language is elegant.The sweet scent of plumeria gently wraps around with a pleasant breeze stroking your hair.The design that stands out in the sunlight through the trees, the design of the same color is drawn on the white opal, and it is finished elegantly and delicately.

kahiko(Kahiko) ROOTS of HAWAI'I
From gorgeous resort culture in Hawaii to its historical roots.
We will deliver the deep charm of Hawaii that Japanese people love.

* This item is handmade by craftsmen. Therefore, shapes and colors may vary slightly. Please note.
200cm in height 105cm in width

60% polyester 40% cotton%

Country of origin

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Size Guide | Model Height
 Size Guide | Model Height

 Size Guide

Model Height


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